About Us

Le Moi’s Martial Arts has been sharing the world of Taekwondo with students for over 17 years. Master Gregory Le Moi has worked with students from 3 years old on up to 72 years old. He helps students to identify individual challenges, encourages them to move beyond those challenges, and supports them in accomplishing their goals.

Physical strength, confidence, coordination, and flexibility are just a few of the benefits you will receive when studying Taekwondo. Like any martial art, properly taught and practiced, Taekwondo is a non-aggressive and ethical system of self-defense.

Our teaching methods offer a safe and comfortable environment for students of all ages and abilities. Our students continue to grow physically and mentally throughout training.

Le Moi’s Martial Arts has the goal of creating tomorrow’s leaders, one black belt at a time.

“In victory, be humble. In defeat, be strong. In all things, be fair.”