Attitude means feeling good about yourself and what you are doing. It is how you act or present yourself to others.

Attitude is everything! It is purpose. It is power. It is the absolute line between winning and losing. How we view things, including ourselves, is the critical factor in every challenge we face in martial arts, at school, work, home, and everywhere. A positive attitude makes success possible, while a negative attitude makes it unlikely. Attitude is life changing.

Attitude is a skill that can be developed. It is a choice. We choose our beliefs the way we choose our deeds. We decide to transcend a prejudice, conquer a fear, or commit to try and try again. By replacing criticism with affirmation, we improve our self-esteem. Simple ways of showing a positive attitude are smiling, relaxing, exercising good posture, and complimenting others. The more we practice finding the positive in everything, the easier it will become.