Integrity means to “Always do the right thing, no matter who’s looking!”

To have integrity is to stand firm by your values. Integrity is knowing and showing what’s important to you. It is being reliable, responsible, and consistent. It is honesty for others and, most importantly, for yourself. It is loyalty to your values and goals. It is having self-respect, and doing your best even when the stakes are low. It means doing what you know is right even when it’s difficult, painful, or unpopular. People who tell lies, behave rudely, blame others, dodge work, avoid accountability, or give up without a fight all are demonstrating a lack of integrity. People who’s actions help them to reach there goals are demonstrating good integrity.

Integrity can be a double-edge sword, sometimes earning acclaim and disdain all at the same time. In the end, however, our conscience must be satisfied that we have made the right choice. Our choices tell all. Their sum is the true measure of our character. Without integrity, honor is impossible. Without honor, a positive attitude is impossible. Without a positive attitude, self-control is impossible. Without self-control, perseverance is impossible. Without perseverance, the achievement of our goals is impossible! That makes integrity one very important virtue to foster within ourselves. Integrity is the essence of a Black Belt Attitude!