Loyalty means being faithful/true to your family, friends, and beliefs

Loyalty reveals our love. It shows who and what we love. It’s how we love. Without Loyalty, our relationships would be shallow and false. Without loyalty, we could not trust or be trusted. We could not have integrity and honor. We must have loyalty to others as we need loyalty from others. Loyalty is inner strength, every bit as important to learning and knowing as one’s mastery of forms and techniques.

Our loyalties are tested every day, dozens or even hundreds of times per day. Faithfulness to our ideals is shown, or not shown, in many decisions we make both big and small. Loyalty to family and friends is challenged by “self,” through our interactions with others, and proved or disproved in the choices we make for them or us.

To an extent, faithfulness is a basic instinct, motivated by self-interest and self-preservation. True loyalty, however; the kind that shows our love, integrity, and honor is a virtue that can be fostered, grown, and shaped.