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-Mrs. Chopra (Parent)

My son and daughter have not only been taught martial arts but also personal qualities, such as respect, generosity and honesty. Qualities any parent would love to see in their children.

-Mr. Chopra (Parent)

Mr. Le Moi teaches with a unique blend of fun and discipline. My kids thrive in his environment – learning martial arts and how to respect adults as well as each other.

Benjamin’s Mom (Kristin)

Since joining Mr. Le Moi’s Martial Arts program, my 5.5 year old son Benjamin has become really excited about exercise and physical fitness. He practices push-ups and sit-ups at home. He can hardly wait for his Tiny Tigers class days and gets his uniform out and ready the night before!

-Mr. & Mrs. Jacobson (Parents)

Our son has been involved in the program for two years and it has been exciting to watch his progress. This program has been great for improving his coordination and his physical abilities but in addition it has taught him the importance of respect, self-control and it has improved his self-confidence. Greg does an excellent job of creating a supportive and positive environment. There is nothing better than watching our son test for a new belt and then seeing his pride and excitement when he brings it home.

-Tom & Leslie Dietz (Parents)

Mr. Le Moi’s approach built respect and commitment for our boys. They set goals and worked hard to achieve them.

-Tom Dietz (Student/Parent)

There are lots of martial arts programs out there but few, in my opinion, that work to make the kids the ultimate winner. Le Moi’s truly focuses on the kids, building confidence and values that transcend the sport.