Testing Cycle Theme

Each testing cycle, we focus on one of our nine Black Belt Attributes. These attributes, also referred to as Life Skills, are the building blocks of our program. The selected attribute becomes the Theme of the Testing Cycle. We will use that attribute as our word to say during each bow. We will discuss and remind each student of the meaning of the attribute and follow up to make sure each student is practicing that attribute. For example, if the theme is Goals, then each student must set a goal and take steps towards achieving that goal. If the theme is attitude, then each student must demonstrate a positive and respectful attitude each day. The theme is also used for each student to earn and keep their white stripe on their belt. The white stripe is one of the three different stripes that are needed for each student to advance to the next belt rank.

Our nine different Attributes/Life Skills are:

Attitude, Courtesy, Goals, Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Perseverance, Respect, and Self-Control