Ssahng Naht/Kama

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The Sahang Naht (aka Kama) are traditional farming implements similar to a sickle used for reaping crops and also employed as a weapon. Before being used in martial arts, the Sahang Knat was widely used to cut crops, mostly rice. The Ssahang Naht is a formidable weapon, traditionally used in pairs, though in agricultural use it would be used one-handed As a weapon, both the point and sharpened edge of the metal blade are called in to use, while the Sahang Naht could also be used to block, trap and disarm weapons used against the wielder. The hard edge of the Sahang Naht blade would traditionally be kept razor-sharp to enable efficient cutting of crops, which made it a lethal weapon in the right hands, though this is sometimes a cause of training accidents by unskilled wielders, for whom blunt training versions of the weapon are created. It is also a popular modern forms competition weapon.